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Blockchain Jobs

Remote Work
NFT Smart Contract Developer



Role And Responsibilities:

– Create cutting-edge smart contracts for NFTs
– Work with the Dev team to add Web3 functionality to the Afflantium ecosystem and applications
– Stay on the bleeding edge of the latest NFT/Blockchain trends, best practices, and technologies
– Collaborate with the broader team to deliver on company goals
– Provide constructive feedback



Preferred Skills & Experience


– Extensive experience with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards
– High-level skills with Ethereum smart contracts
– Experience in art is a huge bonus
– Extensive experience in JavaScript/TypeScript
– Proficiency in PostgreSQL for database – TypeORM for ORM
– 5+ years of experience as a Back-End Developer or similar role
– Excellent knowledge of Blockchain technology – specifically Ethereum and Solidity
– Deep experience with various coding languages – Python is a bonus
– Excellent multitasking skills
– Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
– Team player
– Good time-management skills
– Great interpersonal, presentation, and communication skills

Remote Work
Smart Contracts Lead



– Define and help the team adopt smart contract best practices
– Develop high-quality code that is maintainable, performant, and accessible
– Architect, develop, test, and deploy smart contracts
– Write specs, documentation, and review PRs



Key Traits
– 2+ years working with Solidity and experience operating smart contract solutions on mainnet.
– 2+ years of dev experience working at companies with engineering best practices.
– Awareness of latest developments in crypto, Ethereum and NFT technologies.
– Familiarity with the NFT space, the Ethereum ecosystem, and other projects within the space.
– Clear, effective, and creative communication and technical writing skills.
– NFT art scene first-hand experience and artist connections.

Remote Work
Blockchain Engineer




The role:
We are searching for experienced blockchain protocol engineers that have an understanding of the current limitations facing blockchain scalability in regards to speed, security, and decentralization.

The candidate must be able to work independently, build solutions for sophisticated architecture and be comfortable working under pressure at times while supporting the organization’s priorities.




– BSc/MS in Computer Engineering or Computer Science
– Experience building large-scale systems
– Understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency design and terminology
– Understanding of Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake
– Experience working with GitHub
– Ability to work collaboratively in a team




– Experience in C++
– Full-stack development experience (Vue.js / React)
– Experience building or interacting with a blockchain
– Knowledge in finance or economics
– Understanding of game theory & crypto-economics
– Knowledge of Ethereum codebase

Remote Work
Senior C++ or Rust Developer



– Writing smart contracts
– Enabling integration with blockchain systems
– Figuring out the best tech solutions to challenges
– Developing and optimizing high loaded systems
– Implementing innovative solutions



Skills & Qualifications:
– 4+ years of C ++ or Rust development experience
– Profound knowledge of modern approaches to building high loaded – – systems in C ++ or Rust
– Profound knowledge of algorithms
– Ability to write code efficiently
– Ability to read and understand someone else’s code
– Hands-on experience of system programming for GNU / Linux
– Good experience of working with version control systems
– Understanding the fundamentals of blockchains
– Understanding the basic principles of cryptography
– Great experience with databases
– Extensible teamwork experience.



It’s great if you also have:
– JavaScript programming experience
– Python programming background

Remote Work
Senior Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)




Required Experience
– 3+ years of experience with Solidity/Vyper, or smart contract development
– 3+ years of experience as a software engineer
– Extensive knowledge of the Ethereum virtual machine or blockchain virtual machines
– Prior experience working remotely in a globally distributed team
– Native-level proficiency in written and oral English




– Experience developing or designing P2P distributed systems.
– Experience with blockchain technologies
– Experience with financial systems or other high-security services
– Background in philosophy

Game Design

Remote Work

Senior Game Designer




– Lead the Game Designers on existing live titles.
– Create engaging designs and prototypes for new titles.
– Deliver on the game vision on each game as set by the Creative Director and Product Owners
– Maintain accurate documentation of design solutions
– Work with the development team to ensure content and features are delivered to the highest quality
– Create and tune content at appropriate levels for all our players
– Balance game economies for accessibility, engagement, and monetization
– Mentor and provide feedback to the Game Designers
– Remain current on industry design trends




– 7+ years of experience in game design (specifically with free-to-play experience)
– Experience developing major game systems for at least one shipped mobile title
– Experience managing successful game design teams
– Experience maintaining economies in Excel or similar spreadsheet tools
– Experience iterating on live features based on player feedback and telemetry data
– Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in relevant field

Remote Work

Concept Artist


What the Concept Artist will do at Afflantium:

– Work with our Art Director, Environment Artists, and Character Artists to create immersive game environments and a cast of believable characters emphasis on Level/Environment Concept.
– Create several additional concepts including creature design, props, and visual effects.
– Create a diverse range of character assets such as outfits, hairstyles, and head coverings.
– Design original concepts that fit within the project style guide.
– Translate high-level ideas into production-ready art packets.
– Enhance existing concepts with detailed views, paintovers, turnarounds, and material references.
– Maintain a high level of quality art, while providing a variety of ideas.
– Provide in-depth research, reference material, and develop conceptual ideas.
– Create lighting schemes and color palettes that capture the tone of the world.
– Report to the Concept Director.


Who You Are:

– 3+ years of concept experience.
– Create concepts from scratch and create color studies.
– Passion for environment design.
– Traditional illustration skills in multiple media and excellent drawing skills, matte painting experience.
– Ability to think in 3D.
– Fundamental skills and a passion for architecture, landscapes, set dressing, color, lighting, and mood.
– Experience with storytelling and concept development.
– Value working with specific styles, including a style set by another artist or art director, and mentoring other concept artists.
– Experience in 3D modeling or sculpting packages such as 3dsmax, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, or 3D Coat.
– Sensibility for stylized, expressive faces.
– A strong preference for environment-focused concept work.

Remote Work

Senior Gameplay Designer




– Plan out fun and intentional player experiences at both macro and micro levels.
– Use proprietary toolset to design and implement the logic for Bosses and Creatures.
– Work with a small multi-disciplinary team to achieve goals and deliverables.
– Evaluate and implement design feedback from all relevant sources.
– Create and maintain design documentation.
– Help set, prioritize, and communicate goals for the creature team.
– Provide mentorship to other designers and team members.
– Foster a highly positive team culture by building consensus and using collaborative approaches to conflict resolution.




– At least 1 major game or 5 years of experience as a creature AI or Boss designer.
– Good understanding of action and RPG gameplay mechanics
– A creative mind – be able to come up with interesting and original ideas.
– Familiar with visual scripting languages such as Unreal engine Blueprint or FrostEd Schematics
– Familiarity with Boss and Creature mechanics design across a breadth of genres
– Working knowledge of standard industry game engines, design toolsets, and production pipelines.
– Willingness to be open and flexible when collaborating with others to achieve a design
– A creative mind. Be able to come up with interesting and original ideas.
– Strong composition and narrative skills. Be able to communicate a fun and compelling boss fight from a player’s perspective.
– Critical thinking skills.

Remote Work

Game Designer




– Play the game and become an expert on the game.
– Create and tune content to create an accessible yet deep experience for players.
– Craft new units, gear, and events for players by utilizing internal tools and directly editing game data in XML.
– Create IP-correct characters and events.
– Partner with other disciplines to ensure your content and features are delivered to the highest quality.
– Work within existing systems and expand on them, including integrating feedback from user experience testing.
– Take part in internal and external playtests, communicate with beta testers, and iterate based on feedback.
– Create and maintain design templates.
– Guide change through research and live data.
– Quickly prototype design ideas in-game and iterate through playtesting.




– Have 2+ years of game design experience.
– Are an active player of mobile turn-based RPGs.
– Experience working on a mobile F2P game.
– Demonstrable content creation skills.
– Demonstrative proof of an open-minded, upbeat, progressive thinker who is flexible, energetic, and driven with the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges with working solutions.
– Remain current on industry trends including new game genres, new game design methods, and emerging platforms.
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
– Bachelor’s degree preferred.
– Unity, Perforce, and scripting experience are a plus.

Remote Work

Technical Designer




– Work under a Senior Technical Designer direction to create reusable content pieces used by our Design team to create mission content
– Develop high-quality content experiences and tools for the design teams
– Communicate requests and issues to the Technical Design team
– Communicate with the Design team on best practices using Technical Design assets and their status
– Collaborate with all other departments on design needs with a focus on support with various programming, art, audio, and animation departments
– Collaborate with production on scheduling and identify dependencies
– Work with other Technical Designers on best practices and training materials for the Design teams




– Some experience as a Technical Designer on game projects
– Demonstrate an understanding of design principles and the workflows needed to achieve them.
– Experience working with logic structures with a focus on reuse and modularity
– A creative mind – be able to come up with interesting and original ideas
– Experience working with visual scripting languages such as Unreal Engine Blueprint
– Working knowledge of standard industry game engines and design toolsets
– Good understanding of action and RPG gameplay mechanics
– Willingness to be open and flexible when collaborating with others to achieve a design.
– Strong communication skills and ability to work with a broader team
– Some experience with a scripting language or coding language is an asset


Remote Work

3D Artist


In this role, you will
– Have a strong comprehension of design (real-world and fictional)
– Work within the budget of the engine and console limitations
– Create assets properly scaled to real-world accuracy and standards
– Adhere to the look and feel of the game through the team’s feedback
– Collaborate with other departments including design, programming, and animation


What we’re looking for
– Complete understanding of modeling, texturing, and optimization of assets through the next-gen pipeline
– Proficiency with Maya, Max, Substance, Zbrush, Photoshop, and equivalent software
– Experience working on a large scale, 3D title (PC/Console) is preferred
– Strong understanding of asset pipelines and agile development environments
– Nextgen game engine experience – Unreal Engine, Unity, etc
– Clean topology modeling methods and strong attention to detail
– You’re user-focused, passionate, scrappy, solutions-focused, and innovative. These traits equal success at Afflantium and influence everything we do


Nice to have skills
– Solid foundation in art fundamentals of composition, design, light, etc
– Desire and ability to work in a self-directed, fast-paced work environment
– Ability to visualize and conceptualize props
– Attention to development pipelines and target milestones
– Ability to gather, analyze, and act on feedback from the team, openness to critique
– Passion and constant drive to stay up to date with the latest technology and new techniques
– Excellent written and verbal communication

Remote Work

Technical Art Lead


In this role, you will
– Create complex materials for characters, weapons, and environments.
– Establish workflows and tools for other artists to utilize when making unique assets.
– Execute on a range of visual effects styles from realistic to stylized
– Work with engineers and artists to optimize content for many platforms.
– Own gameplay and engine features from the TechArt side maintaining the high-quality bar for Afflantium.


What we’re looking for
– Must have a strong reel/portfolio showing executed game tech art.
– Good understanding of PBR principles and material editors
– Ability to pull many different asset types together to create art for a game.
– Experience modeling and using texturing packagers such as Substance Designer and Painter
– Abilities in a secondary area such as modeling, skinning, animation, or lighting
– Desire and knowledge of how to push Unreal Engine further.
– Desire to work with a team and own features from inception to shipping.
– Familiarity with the Unreal 4 Engine art pipeline
– Experience working on multiple platforms
– Scripting experience Blueprint or other
– You’re user-focused, passionate, scrappy, solutions-focused, and innovative. These traits equal success at Afflantium and influence everything we do.

Remote Work

Graphic Designer



In this role, you will
– Work with existing graphic designers, marketing, production, and esports teams to determine and plan the scope of a visual project
– Develop graphics for product promotion, logos, websites, social media outlets, in-game branding, print, and internal projects
– Produce still and animation-ready graphics for use in video (live and taped), movies, television, and internet broadcast
– Select colors, images, text style, and layout for multiple applicable mediums
– Present design and layout ideas to marketing for approval and execution
– Incorporate changes recommended by marketing into future and already-established designs
– Review designs for errors or additions before approval, publishing, and/or print. Maintain a continued archive of images, logos, photos, and related items
– Prepare instructions for coworkers that equip them with the information necessary to recreate your work
– Work closely with the graphic design team throughout the execution of an idea or initiative.




What we’re looking for
– Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
– An obvious talent for artistic design and a penchant for creativity
– Superb time-management skills that allow you to work on multiple projects at the same time
– Strong analytical skills that allow you to imagine how our players and fans would perceive your artwork and message
– Excellent communication skills that will allow you to effectively confirm and express information to the marketing and production teams
– Working knowledge of page layouts, both print, and web
– Strong interest in the video game and graphic design industries; marketing, trends, and innovations.
– Knowledge of the Unreal Engine is a plus.


Remote Work

Senior VFX Artist



– Create stunning real-time visual effects using a mastery of high-quality particle effects, textures, and shaders
– Optimize effects for performance on multiple platforms
– Work with team members to share knowledge and solve cross-discipline problems



Skills We Look For:
– Experience with Unreal Engine
– Experience with Photoshop, Maya, or 3DS Max
– Strong sense of lighting, color, form, and motion
– Experience with Python scripting or equivalent
– Familiar with PBR workflows
– Strong proficiency in technical problems solving
– Collaborate effectively within a team
– Previous game production experience

Remote Work

Character Artist


What the Character Artist will do at Afflantium:

– You will sculpt, model, and texture efficient, high-quality characters, outfits, and creatures that are consistent with our specific and established art style from concept to completion.
– You will skin character models to existing rigs and integrate finished character assets into our game engine
– You will fix bugs on character assets.
– You will work with an amazing team, contributing to and helping schedule, ideation, constructive feedback, and outsourcing efforts.
– You will assist the character art team in a supervisory role, participating in concept discussions, planning, and feedback for junior and outsource artists.
– You will work on an established title.
– You will report to the Art Director


Who You Are:

– 4+ years of experience in the industry or a related field.
– Expert knowledge of human anatomy (and comparative animal anatomy if applicable) and its reaction to movement.
– Expert knowledge of proportion, silhouette, and topology.
– Expert knowledge of clothing construction and wrinkle behavior.
– Experience with color theory.
– Expert in creating UV maps and textures.
– Experience with how and why topology is created to achieve the desired rendering and deformation results.
– Extremely knowledgeable in shader capabilities and works with SEs and TAs to modify shaders.
– Stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and industry standards and make sure these are followed by the team.
– Can render techniques and works with SEs and TDs to evaluate final results and suggest areas for improvement.
– Follow art directions and complete a character task.
– Work with the Art Director and Art Lead to establish visual targets.

Remote Work

Object Modeler


– Create and debug assets in The Afflantium while maintaining technical standards.
– Model and texture high-quality assets.
– Work with multiple development disciplines, including non-art-specific groups, to assess and improve assets.
– Maintain technical and aesthetical coherence with the Afflantium brand.


– 2+ years of experience in art game development
– At least one shipped title in the role of Modeling or equivalent on PC or major console.
– Proficient experience with 3D software such as Maya & Photoshop.
– Strong time management and communication skills.
– Strong traditional art skills in drawings or sketches.
– Excellent sense of form, weight (mass), and volume.
– Good use of light and shadow.
– The breadth of artistic styles, especially hand-painted.
– An understanding of optimization for game engines.
– Excellent sense of quality and craftsmanship


Nice to have:
– Experience with ZBrush, Substance Painter/Designer, Marmoset, etc.
– Experience rigging models for animation
– Examples of traditional art (i.e. figure drawings, still life)

Remote Work

Surfacing Artist





You will fulfill these job responsibilities:

– Stay current with and exhibit a high degree of technical knowledge about the current state-of-the-industry in environment surfacing techniques.
– Collaborate with the Surfacing Lead, Art Director, Environment Director and Character Director on Visual Look Development projects to explore and align on surfacing art direction for both environments and characters.
– Create high-quality photo real surfaces in a PBR rendering environment.
– Gather and break down references into key representative surfacing elements.
– Contribute to both environment and character material libraries, and uphold consistent quality across both.
– Work with new and unfamiliar tools related to modeling, UV editing, baking secondary information, surfacing, and rendering.



You will demonstrate the following:
– Experience shipping surfacing content on 2-3 shipped game titles.
– High level of skill in both scan-based and procedural-based surfacing workflows using software packages such as Substance Designer & Painter, Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya.
– Production experience with modern real-time game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity.
– Photogrammetry acquisition experience is considered a plus.
– Experience prototyping work with node-based shader networks in-engine is considered a plus.
– A degree in Fine Arts, Visual Design, Animation, or a related diploma or certificate.

Remote Work

Gameplay Animator




– You will create and implement character animation using mocap, keyframe, and in-engine tools.
– You will iterate and refine animation based on both aesthetics and feel.
– You will work with our Designers, Technical Animators, Programmers, VFX Artists, Audio Designers, and Production Partners to accomplish a character in-game.
– You will work with our Outsource Animation Director to provide feedback to external partners.
– You will report to the Animation Director.



– Experience in traditional animation skills and the ability to apply them to gameplay systems.
– Proficiency in Maya or similar software.
– Proficiency in runtime engine animation workflows.
– 2+ years of related industry experience. You have experience in the full development cycle of AAA gaming.
– A degree in Fine Arts, Animation, Graphic Design, or a related diploma.

– All submissions must include a demo reel showing personal and professional artwork.

Remote Work

Environment Artist



Work productively with a small environment art team to deliver quality content on a schedule that meets technical requirements.
Perform as a key contributor to the world production process to create believable and engaging environments for The Afflantium.


– Thorough knowledge of and experience with Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, and Maya or Max
– Ability to take direction and feedback well
– Self-Motivated toward solving creative problems
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
– Strong work ethic and positive attitude
– 3+ years of professional environment art experience in a gaming studio using a World Editor
– Solid understanding and experience using Substance Painter
– Ability to render stylized textures
– Experience with terrain sculpting editors
– Background or education in traditional arts or architecture
– Shipped at least one AAA title


Your portfolio must demonstrate the following:

– Experience in creating Environment Art
– Examples of textured, clean, efficient, low-poly assets
– A great eye for detail and composition


Remote Work

DevOps Engineer



Key Responsibilities:


Enterprise-level solution experience:

– 7+ years of enterprise systems monitoring and DevOps experience in a production, customer-facing environment
– Experience with Virtualization (AWS, VMWare) and containerization (Docker / Kubernetes)
– Experience with Agile CI/CD development tools such as Gitlab, Terraform, Artifactory, Jenkins
– Linux (CentOS / RHEL 7.x) – Senior-level administrator
– Windows Server experience (2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016)
– Scripting experience with emphasis on Bash, Python, and PowerShell
– Ensure thorough capacity, health, and security monitoring is present at every layer of the application stack
– Thorough understanding of common protocols and services, including DHCP, DNS, FTP(S), HTTP(S), LDAP, SIP, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, TCP, UDP
– Experience using orchestration and configuration management tools (e.g., Ansible)
– Experience using ServiceNow or other similar CMS / SKMS
– Bachelor’s degree in an information technology-related field or equivalent work experience
– Experience implementing application performance monitoring and request tracing solutions
– 3+ years of experience with virtualization and cloud platforms (e.g. VMware, Azure, or AWS); Preferred AWS certifications



Additional requirements:

– Excellent verbal and written communication, and customer service skills
– Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, high volume, deadline-driven environment
– Experience in container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes is an asset
– Experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an asset

Remote Work

Senior Software Principal


Key Responsibilities:

– Be a top-level contributor in the direction of major, complex programs intended to roll out high-volume, high transaction-based applications, and services
– Be a hands-on person leading the global team from the front
– Bring experiences in partnership with distributed diverse teams to ensure the architectural vision is communicated and delivered to the highest standards.
– Estimate engineering effort during different stages of the project life cycle.
– Mentor 2-4 lead developers in accomplishing architecture, design, and implementation goals.
– Perform research and implement best practices for problem avoidance and continuous improvement.
– Follow agile/scrum methodologies to iterate quickly on product changes, develop user stories, and work through backlogs.
– Work on multiple projects and work with multiple teams simultaneously
– Work with leadership on strategic planning


The Afflantium Senior Software Architect also needs:

– 10+ years of hands-on coding experience in Java, J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, and Angular/React
– Experience with container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
– Experience using Git and related tools like GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket…
– Good grasp of modern and rich UI application architecture with preferable coding experience in JavaScript frameworks and libraries (such as Angular, Node), HTML, and CSS.
– Solid experience with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services
– 6+ years of experience with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, MongoDB
– Expertise in using design principles to provide system-level technical design
– Bachelor’s degree and 12+ years of related experience building and delivering complex mission-critical applications and projects.

Remote Work

Senior DevOps Engineer/Architect




– Leading a team and alignment of the technical direction
– Design and build operational infrastructure to support IT development pipeline, automating where possible
– Provide troubleshooting and timely resolution of the system, automation, and infrastructure problems
– Design systems that cleanly integrate with legacy and emerging technologies
– Provide operational support for developers on the team
– Providing technical guidance to the rest of the organization



– Senior-level experience in Terraform, and AWS
– Ability to design and implement high availability solutions
– Strong documentation and diagram skills
– Effective communication
– Proven experience with Linux, and cloud computing technologies such as AWS, or other cloud computing environment
– Demonstrable scripting experience with a variety of scripting languages for automating tasks, generating reports, and creating tools (e.g. Groovy, Python,, Shell)
– Experience with a continuous delivery model of deploying software
– Proven history working directly with development teams



Preference for candidates with
– Proficiency in Groovy and/or Python
– Working at scale
– DevOps Tools, including Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker
– Experience with databases, NoSQL, and SQL, such as MongoDB and Postgresql
– Passion for gaming

Software Development

Experience Design

Remote Work

UX Designer




– You will design accessible creation tools that allow players to self-express through customizing and creating shareable content.
– Build relationships with a cross-disciplinary team, and partner groups to set priorities towards meaningful design solutions to meet the player and business goals within technical constraints.
– Distill user research, competitive analysis, and feedback into user-centered design goals.
– Frame and solve hard design problems informed by data.
– You will prototype for user testing, assisting with development decisions, and innovating. These range from paper or click-throughs to higher fidelity prototypes.
– Apply and establish a set of design standards, documentation, and principles that are used alongside a design system of design interactions, patterns, and scalable components to build a consistent product.
– Apply psychological principles, ergonomics, and cognitive science to design holistic experiences for abilities, motivations, and needs.
– Organize, label, and structure content in a way that is understandable for users/players to allow them to find and move through information and complete tasks
– Help our teams empathize with users and advocate for usability and accessibility




– 3+ years of experience as a UX designer, experience designer, product designer, or interaction designer.
– Experience designing intuitive consumer-facing content creation tools
– You have a broad UX design toolkit for different stages of development
– Experience presenting and rationalizing UX design strategy and decisions to diverse audiences using these opportunities to advocate for players, share knowledge and demonstrate design thinking in action.
– Bonus points if your visual design skills are solid too
– Passion for games with a solid grasp of market trends

Remote Work

Senior Experience Designer




– Collaborate with the UX Director and take features from concept to completion on a large scale project
– Partner with Art, Design, Product Management, and Engineering to define UX goals for new and evolving features
– Independently design and iterate on concepts, wireframes, and prototypes; leverage quantitative and qualitative research along with team feedback to reach the best result
– Effectively relay detailed interaction behaviors across multi-discipline teams and stakeholders
– Document and drive awareness of UX standards, and push to improve UX design workflow processes
– Advocate for design excellence, craftsmanship, accessibility, and usability
– Articulate clear feedback to other members of the XD team on wireframes and aesthetic opportunities for improvement
– You will report to the XD Director




– 5+ years of experience (or equivalent) in interaction design, game design, product design, or related field
– A portfolio of delivered projects, games, and other digital experiences
– Expert knowledge of usability principles and techniques, interaction design, and design patterns
– The ability to translate qualitative and quantitative player data into design solutions and design strategy
– Mastery of design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Flinto, Sketch, Miro, etc.
– Comfortable with technical implementation; using game editors, scripting languages, and tools


– Preferred: Strong familiarity with Unreal Engine–able to create prefabs and manage assets
– Preferred: Articulate clear feedback to other members of the XD team on wireframes and opportunities for aesthetic improvement

People Experience

Remote Work

Recruiter (Remote Contract)


– Work with recruiting team and department leads to stay on top of hiring needs and fill top priority roles across the studio.
– Work with hiring managers to identify talent gaps, develop compelling job ads,
– Help promote programs such as employee referrals and social media/web campaigns.
– Be a partner, advisor, and expert to hiring managers and leadership for all things related to recruiting.
– Always seek to improve our processes and candidate experience.
– Take candidates through the recruiting process. Ensure responses and follow-through.
– Track candidate progress. Follow up on tests, interviews, and hiring status with leads.
– Screen through applications and share appropriate candidates with hiring managers.
– Creative talent sourcing.
– Initiate and communicate with potential candidates.
– Conduct phone screens and organize in-person interviews.
– Coordinate offer and hiring processes.


– 3+ years experience as a Recruiter or Sourcer.
– A strong background in recruiting for creative or tech industries.
– Experience serving as an advisor and partner to hiring managers and leadership for all things related to recruiting.
– A solid eye for creative and leadership qualifications in candidates.
– Experience in the game industry. If no game industry experience, experience recruiting for entertainment, tech, or creative media industries.
– Recruiting best practices concerning tracking, communication, follow-ups, negotiations, and hiring.

Remote Work

Senior Tech Recruiter in Afflantium


– Be a talent advisor and expert to hiring managers and leadership for all things related to recruiting
– Oversee the end-to-end recruitment process, delivering a great experience to both candidates and your partners. This includes sourcing, screening, and assessing candidates
– Create a detailed sourcing project. Build new recruiting strategies to find quality candidates. Demonstrate awareness of how strategies work in the marketplace.
– Research and document industry trends and market intelligence.
– Track sourcing data, producing regular and ad-hoc reports. Use data to influence. Prepare and carefully review figures, computations, and reports to identify any trends and propose solutions


– Minimum 6 years experience as a recruiter
– A background in technical recruiting and understanding of software engineering skillsets
– Experience serving as an advisor and partner to hiring managers and leadership for all things related to recruiting.
– Experience in recruiting for the entertainment or tech industries
– Recruit best practices concerning tracking, communication, follow-ups, negotiations, and hiring.
– Experience with recruiting methods and tools


Remote Work

Information Security Analyst


In this role, you will
– Perform review of malware activity and engage in virus response activities as part of our Malware Defense program
– Perform daily review of email quarantine and alerts
– Assist with detection, mitigation, and verification vulnerabilities as part of our Vulnerability Management program
– Investigate and respond to security events and incidents using a SIEM
– Help field and work security tickets in our helpdesk system
– Recommend and implement detection mechanisms for exploit and or intrusion-related attempts

What we’re looking for
– High-level knowledge of Information Security principles, technology, and control processes
– Hands-on Security Operations experience dealing with events and incidents
– General knowledge of Windows/Linux Operating Systems and networking
– Strong technical troubleshooting skills
– Extensive knowledge of AWS cloud security best practices
– Scripting/Programming knowledge (Python, Perl, VBScript, JavaScript, etc)
– Proficient with Google Apps
– Good oral and written communication skills, including report writing and technical documentation
– Ability to work on-call as needed

Remote Work
Game Security Analyst

What You’ll do…

– Investigate reported cheaters, cheats, exploits, and any other bad behavior that affects the game. Document and communicate findings.
– Work with teams across Afflantium to effectively guide the use of their resources in the battle against cheaters.
– Document and propose new internal processes or improvements.
– Monitor various metrics and KPIs to identify bad behaviors impacting the health of the game.
– Monitor the landscape of cheaters and cheat communities to document the latest trends and activities, as well as raising flags when needed to alert others.
– Assist in driving implementation of new anti-cheat solutions and processes


You will have…

– Familiarity (intermediate, or at least beyond basics?) of different types of cheats and how they work, particularly for FPS games.
– Experience with anti-cheat technologies.
– Experience with how online games work, including rendering, networking, and databases.
– Knowledge of a programming language that can be used for scripting, such as Python.


You’ll Get Bonus Points If You Have…

– Experience querying large datasets with SQL
– Familiarity with account security and account takeover trends.
– Experience working with customers for an account or security-related concerns

Remote Work

Generalist Software Engineer – C++


– Roughly 70 to 85% hands-on coding (C++), domain ownership will be expected.
– Work with 3rd party software APIs.
– Work with people on a large team both locally and remotely.
– Use common software engineering design patterns and paradigms.
– Use and design REST-based HTTP APIs.


– 3+ years experience working on Microsoft, Nintendo game consoles, or other embedded systems.
– Strong knowledge of C++, ASM is a bonus.
– Json and XML, able to read/understand and write.
– Experience working with online services/severs. (HTTP via REST)
– Knowledge of REST-based APIs.
– Experience with 3rd party APIs.
– Experience with Visual Studio and deep knowledge of debugging tools.
– Experience with source control systems.

Remote Work

Gameplay/UI Software Engineer (Python, C++)



– Bachelor/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field.
– 5+ years experience in a hands-on development role.
– Demonstrate technical abilities with projects implemented in C++ or Python.
– Experience with Windows platform and development tools (e.g. Visual Studio or other programming IDEs).
– Experience optimizing existing game code to be more performant.



– You will use Python, C++, and ActionScript 3 to implement data-driven gameplay and UI systems.
– You will create new Afflantium behaviors: interaction with the world, and other objects Afflantium.
– You will build creative aspects of real-life within a simulation game (e.g. socialization, careers, weather).
– You will work with designers, producers, artists, and other engineers on improving the data-driven framework that brings designs to life.
– You will write technical design documents detailing software requirements.
– You will build unique content for a game that supports a large demographic of simulation player patterns.
– You will write code with performance and memory usage in mind.
– Excellent technical problem-solving skills under iteratively changing requirements during development.



– Previous engineering experience building a major system.
– Demonstrate experience working in large data-driven games or applications.
– Experience developing large-scale live products.
– Experience using static and performance analysis tools, automated testing, unit testing, and configuration management processes.
– Knowledge of UI technologies such as Scaleform, ActionScript 3, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or familiarity with Flash.

Remote Work

UX Designer




– Work with distributed, cross-functional teams (product management, engineering, content, documentation) to research, design, build and validate features that align with the product vision
– Design and test ideas. Validate design decisions using qualitative and quantitative data
– Conduct research studies such as usability testing, user interviews, and competitive analysis
– Drive product consistency by using and contributing to the Frostbite Design System
– Help make Frostbite’s development process more user-centric by creating appropriate processes and standards, participating in internal reviews, and coaching teammates




– A portfolio that contains multiple case studies with your direct contributions, highlighting your outstanding visual and interaction design skills, and technical expertise
– Experience designing for complex, data-rich applications such as creative tools, game engines, productivity software
– Experience creating UX artifacts (personas, user stories, wireframes, high fidelity visual design, journey maps) to communicate design ideas
– Experience using user research methodologies such as usability testing, journey mapping, surveys, and user interviews
– Expert in UI and UX design including the creation of icons, wireframes, concept sketches, high-fidelity mock-ups, and functional prototypes
– Proficient in multiple designs and prototyping tools (Figma, Photoshop, Protopie)
– Experience using style guides and design systems
– Present complex concepts using an appropriate level of detail depending on the audience (Product Managers, stakeholders, engineers, and researchers)
– Experience working with varying levels of abstraction across business and product strategy



Bonus Qualifications

– Experience with game art and development tools, such as game engines, 3D modeling, animation, VFX…

Remote Work

Senior Rendering Software Engineer – C++




– You will work with Artists to collaborate on bringing the vision of the Art Director to life.
– Optimize GPU performance on consoles and PC.
– You will support Artists & Technical Artists using tools and workflows with debugging tools, documentation & usability.



Required Technical Experience

– 5+ years of experience working on AAA products in a related role with multiple shipped titles.
– Experience with current consoles – PS4, Xbox One, and PC with other platform experience a bonus.
– Proficient in modern rendering techniques such as Photogrammetry, PBR, Compute Shaders.
– Experience with a large data-driven engine, such as a commercial engine or a large internal one.
– Expertise with C++ and experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
– Mathematics skills especially with Linear Algebra & Calculus.
– Understanding of multithreaded architectures and synchronization principles.
– Work with internal and externally developed code in a collaborative fashion.
– Excellent debugging experience using tools to help debug.
– In-depth understanding of performance bottlenecks of rendering features.
– Experience with a variety of performance analysis tools such as PIX, and GPAD



Bonus Skills

– Experience working with off-site developed technology and driving collaboration process.
– Experience with C# for tool development.
– Experience working with Technical Artists as partners in feature production.
– Team-first mentality.

Remote Work

Full-Stack Software Engineer



You will report to a Manager of Engineering and you will help develop tools and services to support the platform in providing an outstanding developer experience. Typical activities include:

– Develop web apps, components, and prototypes
– Participate in all aspects of an iterative, agile software development process, including scoping, detailed design, effort estimation, coding, debugging, maintenance, and support
– Work with the design and product management team to build applications that delight users.
– Document and present designs for peer technical review and provide feedback on others’ designs
– Work on the application framework that includes backend common services (e.g. authentication, authorization)
– Work across teams to identify important requirements, determine metrics, and set up benchmarks for engineering ease of use
– Analyze the complex technical architecture across Afflantium’s shared services and platform to understand the causes of engineering friction and drive fixes
– Partner with game studios to understand their requirements and concerns for integration


The next great Afflantium Software Engineer also needs:

– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
– Expertise in object-oriented design/programming
– 5+ years of experience developing web applications
– Experience in web front-end technologies like React or Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
– Experience with full-stack web app development, working on both back-end (ie. NodeJS) and frontend
– Attention to software engineering best practices, ie testing, code reviews, documentation
– You are passionate about high-quality execution and technical innovation/adaptation
– Experience working in Agile/Scrum-based development environments
– Understanding of network protocols

Remote Work

Senior Anti-Cheat Engineer



– Develop new features and anti-cheat mitigations in a Windows driver.
– Iterate on existing methods of cheat detection
– Research new industry threats in the cheating space and implement safeguards against them in our tools
– Collaborate with our game internal Security teams on the ever-evolving needs of game security




– Expert in C++, Rust programming languages
– Proficient in Windows APIs and Windows Kernel internals
– Familiar with driver development fundamentals
– Experience working with or familiarity with the external security researching community, game cheat community, and/or identifying and leveraging cheats in games


Remote Work

Anti-Cheat Software Engineer in Test – Security Team – Afflantium


– Develop automation and tools for our internal anti-cheat technologies for the prevention and detection of cheats.
– Develop and implement test cases for new industry cheat-related threats to prepare mitigations for unhandled exploits and bypasses.
– Develop tools and test Afflantium’s anti-cheat technology for performance, expected behavior, and stability in a variety of different environments and platforms.


– Expertise in C or C++
– Experience in requirements gathering, documentation, and implementation of test plans
– Solid Knowledge of Windows APIs
– Experience working with or familiarity with the external security researching community, game cheat community, and/or identifying and leveraging cheats in games
– Experience in analyzing software behavior and API calls
Solid scripting experience in Python or similar


– Knowledge of Windows Kernel internals
– Experience in reverse engineering malware
– Experience with obfuscation/encryption technologies
– Experience with anti-tamper technologies

Remote Work

Live Services Infrastructure – Software Engineer




– You will work with a small team to design and develop appropriate test modules and improve the stability of the live product.
– Debug and diagnose runtime issues across a variety of domains.
– You will increase team efficiency through tooling or workflow enhancements.
– You will review technical implementations for impacts on stability, performance, disk, and memory budgets.
– Directly support and help engineer environments through all stages of development.
– Troubleshoot application, network, and server-level problems.
– Perform cause analyses and ensure improvements are identified and prioritized.
– Maintain documentation of systems, configurations, and procedures.
– Evaluate and adopt technologies that improve the team’s efficiency and capabilities.
– Adding and improving technical and business metrics and using them to make decisions.
– Document your insights and best practices.




– BS degree in Computer Science (or equivalent experience).
– 3+ years of experience.
– Shipped a AAA game title or provided post-launch support to a launched consumer-facing product.
– Understanding of C++ language.
– Communicate well with technical partners outside of your immediate environment/specialization.
– Excellent debugging skills.
– Experience navigating and understanding a large client/server codebase.
– Experience leading small teams of Software Engineers is a major plus.
– Experience with Windows and Linux environments.
– Automated load testing experience (either developing tools or using existing systems).

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