Afflantium $Economy Tokens

Ok, now the economy token.


As mentioned before, the economy token is a means of payment in Afflantium.


The economy token is used for:

– Commerce.
– Trade of property and assets, or in other words NFT.
– Receiving and paying salaries and rent within Afflantium.

– Payment for services within Afflantium.


Economic tokens in Afflantium currently are:


• USDC token of Circle and Coinbase company
• USDT token of Tether company


Why is that? It’s very simple:

We want the value of assets and artifacts in Afflantium to depend on the Afflantium users themselves, not on the price volatility of the economy token.
Therefore, stablecoins act as such.


**** In the future, we plan to release our own stablecoin, which will be fully backed by assets of equivalent value.


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