Afflantium Leadership

Dmitriy Shapiro CEO of

Shapiro Dmitriy

Founder and CEO


Smart contract developer
Gameplay developer
Afflantium worlds creator
Gameplay scenario

Crypto enthusiast


Dmitriy entered the cryptocurrency space in 2015. Has a degree in Computer Science. Worked at Check Point as a Team Leader in the penetration investigations department and project manager in IT companies in Israel.

Founder of Global Intents Inc.

Husband and father.

“People love cryptо not for a way to make money, but for the opportunity to be a part of the global process, although they do not understand this. Afflantium gives people this opportunity.”

Discorsd ID: NFTGEM#6468

Kapsoudin Alex

Co-Founder and COO

VR integrator
3D Modeling
Design of objects
Crypto enthusiast

Alex is a player with many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the gaming industry. Alex is well versed in the needs of the gaming community. What the players love and what they don't. This will make Afflantium the most desired product for the gaming community.

Discorsd ID: 6KALEX#9960


Lead designer and CTO

3D Modeling
Working with game engines (Unreal Engine 4 and 5, Unity 3D)

Creating a gaming environment

Design of objects
VR Implementation and integration

Crypto enthusiast

Ratmir has a big experience in development on the Unreal Engine. He has a big experience in creating game objects and artifacts of high complexity and detailing. Creates complex buildings 3D models buildings. He took part in several game projects as a designer and consultant.

Social Media

Steve - Afflantium Discord server and Twitter account admin

Afflantium Development Team

Okawa - developer

Yuki - developer

Morice - Unreal Engine

Content Team

P. Ben - Game Development / Graphics

Vitaliy - 3D Graphics / Visualization

K. James - Game Development / Graphics

Christian - Designer

D. Alon - VR

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